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How To Stop Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty can still happen everywhere, even in places that it is strictly prohibited. The laws on animal cruelty is also there but the problem is that it is not implemented that much. The maltreatment of animals all around the world has been rampant over the years.


Animal cruelty can occur in many forms. Animals are being hurt intentionally by some people. The irregular feeding or not feeding animals at all is also a form of maltreatment. The category of animal cruelty is vast that is why any physical harm or injury brought to that animal is considered animal cruelty. When you see any signs of animal cruelty, don't hesitate to report it as this is the most effective way of stopping it. To stop animal cruelty, here are some things that you can do. Read more from this chinese dog meat trade site.


You should always be aware. It will go a long way if you keep your eyes and ears open. If there are concerned citizens all over then it would be easier for the human society to be alert of any forms of animal abuse. Possible animal abuse is everywhere so it is very important to be alert always.


Animal abuse comes in different forms, be aware of every single bit of it. Abused animals show different signs and symptoms. Wounds on the body, flea infestation, starving and the likes are signs of animal abuse. Abusive owners are definitely abusing their animals. It is a  neglectful  act  when  you see a  dog that t tied outside without any food or water. It is also a neglectful act when someone hits an animal with their car and dissent care about it. These are just samples of animal cruelty. Read this:


  1. Report right away any forms of animal cruelty. Call the right authorities when you see any animal cruelty. Possible violators can be arrested ad investigated by humane enforcement officers in your state. But if the humane officers are not available, you can either call the police officers or any animal control in your area. It is also important that when you report, the information is complete. There will be a clear view of the situation once the report is detailed. The details   of the incident will be easier to remember of you will be able to write it  down.


Being proactive will help you fight animal cruelty. It is a definite crime when someone commits animal cruelty. The investigation of animal cruelty is a must, make it known to your local law enforcement. You can also support the passage of a stronger anti-cruelty law. You can also make petitions ad let others sign it. I is important that you start from yourself, be a role model to others. Take good care of your pets if you have one. Always be a responsible pet owner. If you want to read about dog meat, follow the link to our website.